The Concept Trailer

BREAK THE ROCK is a large-scale creature feature in the mould of classic monster films such as Jaws and Jurassic Park with dashes of the fun of films like Ghostbusters and Back To The Future. A big adventure that mixes gritty action with suspenseful horror, humourous characters and exciting set pieces, BREAK THE ROCK will be an Australian genre film that thoroughly thrills, terrifies and entertains.

The film follows a touring metropolitan theatre group who arrive in a quiet, rural country town to present the locals with a production of King Lear'. They soon find that the in-fighting and clashes with the locals are the least of their troubles when the town's dark secret is revealed and a mysterious, homicidal monster emerges. A fight for survival begins as the creature unleashes its full power and the troupe become the prey of a dark force unlike anything they could have imagined.

The fully scripted feature film is in the early stages of pre-production and so Mohworks Films has produced a cinematic concept trailer to help draw attention to the project and get the feature financed and into production.The concept trailer has been produced to give a clear idea of what the full feature production will be and demonstrate Director Michael O'Halloran's vision for the film.

The concept trailer production was fortunate to recieve the support of a cast and crew of over one hundred filmmakers who volunteered their time to the project. Queensland filming equipment specialists Light & Motion generously donated equipment and personnel to the trailer's production in a bold sign of support so that the team would be working with the very best filmmaking gear and make sure the trailer has all the production value of the finished feature film. The concept trailer is just the first step in bringing the monstrous adventure BREAK THE ROCK to the big screen.

The Story

Simon is a theatre director tired of struggling amongst the amateur circuit and desperate to make it big. After his dream project falls apart at the eleventh hour, Simon, together with long time friend and producing partner, Graham, takes control of the Underground Theatre Company, a touring troupe of performers dedicated to bringing the classics to the outback that seek out spectacular spaces to perform in, such as abandoned mines.

Arriving in the rural country town of Bennaburra, the troupe set about mounting their latest production in one of the town's famed caves. The troupe's bickering and in-fighting leads to several clashes with the eccentric locals, who have little want for any theatrical enterprises. To top it off, a wild night on the town results in the troupe's lead actors being thrown in the local police lock up. With the play falling apart, the entire affair looks like it has turned into one big disaster for Simon. But none of these troubles seem to matter once the town's dark secret is revealed.

At night, a heavy black fog emerges from the woods, hanging ominously over the town. A series of strange occurrences and mysterious apparitions leave the troupe suspecting that the area might be haunted by a playful phantom. Simon and the others soon realise they are dealing with something far graver, a suspicion that is quickly confirmed after a trail of dead bodies is discovered in the wake of a vicious killing spree. The fog appears to have a mind of its own and a homicidal one at that.

When escape from the town is found to be impossible, the group desperately struggle to evade the malevolent force as it tears through the town, violently attacking anyone who stands in its path. As the body count rises, a fight for survival begins as Simon attempts to unravel the secret of the town and the supernatural fog unleashes its full power and the troupe becomes the prey of a force unlike anything they could have imagined.

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